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Web Development

Are you interested in building your brand online?

The first step to lead the conversation in your industry is by getting a web presence done by professionals.

Your website is the most important marketing asset, and if it isn’t growing your business, it’s time for a new one. Consider this:

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.
  • 63% of consumers primarily use your company’s website to find and engage with you.
  • 75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design.

At Bonjour Dapper we're a customer-centered professional web design and development company that focuses on lead generation and eCommerce website design solutions to grow your business and brand online.

Web Development

In today’s world, every company needs a website whether you operate a laundry business or a lawn moving business.Your website acts on your behalf 24/7/365. This reason calls for your website to be always updated, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate without misleading your visitors and making you lose sales. This is where we come in, we are a customer-centered professional web development agency. We would make the process easy for your company.

From the design phase to the completion, our team would handle the following process to give you a turn-key website:

  • Hosting and coding
  • Website design
  • Advanced analytics tracking
  • SEO optimization
  • Existing content import
  • Integration with social media pages
  • And more!

What’s more, you will 100% OWN your website – unlike a lot of other companies that hold it hostage. You would be surprised how many web design companies have hidden clauses in their contracts.


This is one question we get a lot, “How much does website cost?”

You can find websites for pretty much any price but you can get what you pay for.

Here’s what goes into a website cost:

- Hosting: This is the service or company providing space on the internet for your website. Hosting providers include WPEngine (our recommendation if you have a WordPress website), GoDaddy, Siteground and others.

- Domain name: This is shown as www.yourcompany.com, and is usually a yearly payment.

- Design: Some designs are free, other cost money..

- Plugins and extensions: Typically, the more plugins you want, the more expensive a website gets./p>

- The complexity of design: The more customized your website is, the more expensive it will be.

Our web design services aren’t one size fits all. A good website design agency will help you figure out the best type of website for your business. What’s important is that your website is beautiful, thoughtfully laid out, and lead-focused.

You also need to continually update it to keep up with the modern customer’s expectations. Most website designs only have a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

As a company, we give nothing short of excellence on all our projects and this is our driving point. At Bonjour Dapper, we are passionate about your business’ success and we would do nothing short to meet your expectations. Contact us today for your website needs.

Brand Your Business with A Professional Website

E-commerce Website

E-commerce platforms are critical to the success of any growing business in today’s digital landscape.
Let us help you build the website that keeps your customers closer, delivering an effective shopping experience that communicates your brand identity

Responsive Website Design

More than 50% of all website traffic worldwide comes from phones, your website ought to be responsive to mobile devices. We would help you build responsive websites that creates an awesome experience adapting both functionality & layout based on the features of the device bearing the user in mind.

Website Redesigning

Is your website in need of an attractive design? People are visually drawn to beautiful and attractive websites, so it is crucial you partner with a web design company that can deliver with the goal of increasing traffic and keeping site visitors longer which ultimately would improve your sales.

Website Management

Due to your busy schedule taking care of the your business activities, we would act on your behalf to regularly update your website and carry out routine maintenance to ensure the performance and the security of your website is not jeopardized.